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Wooden Floor Restoration London & Essex - Breathe new life into your floor today!

Over time the finish that often protects your hardwood floor can deteriorate and may cause your flooring to look dull and lacklustre. UV rays can also damage your timber over time and will produce your floor to amber in colour, when this begins to happen it is time to refinish.

Reveal the true character of your striking timber floor

We like our clients to know that nothing is ever too much trouble when it comes to planning an exciting new floor.

At TLC's Floor Sanding, we like to give our customers the ability to customise their flooring needs. Remember, the floor of a room speaks volumes when one walks in; make your floor space something quite exquisite!

Restoring the beauty of your timber gives a timeless elegance to your home

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Wooden Floor Restoration London & Essex - We make it easy!

We cover all areas across the south-east region, so why not call today and speak to one of our friendly team regarding your floor restoration needs?

Floor sanding and restoration is recommended to remove moderate to severe scuffs, scratches or gouges in timber floors. Our process will make your floors look and feel like new again; let us add lustre back into a tired and worn out finish.

Protect your flooring from wear, tear, dirt & moisture, allow us to apply the right product to guarantee years of future use.


Sometimes all you need is an expert to give you direction and show you what you truly have, and what can be achieved in reviving an old, scratched or simply worn out timber floor. Are your floors shadowing the real beauty in your home?

We can provide quality flooring for commercial installation as well. It's not just residential properties we cater to but larger businesses too!

We believe in keeping our clients' informed every step of the way as our technicians complete your wooden floor restoration. This ensures we meet in the middle and you are completely satisfied with the end result.

Restore and Protect Your Timber Flooring

Sanding and Restoring timber flooring has been our passion and primary focus for many years, and we continually update our portfolio to bring our customers the most advanced and aesthetically interesting timber flooring available.

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