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Lagler HUMMEL - Impressive working quality

This machine is well known to be the 'Ferrari' in the floor sanding business.

Creatively designed by Eugene Lagler in the latter part of the 1960s, it was the first floor sanding machine in the world to attribute an endless belt for continual and even sanding. It has been cleverly engineered for smooth handling with an aggressive performance.

The Hummel can cut a floor much more quickly than a 110v sander, proving its self-worth immediately. Once graduating to the Hummel, there's no turning back to using a small sander again.

Technical Data Supplied By Lagler Hummel

  • Single-phase motor 230 V/2.2 KW
  • Circuit breaker for thermal overload protection
  • Fuse protection 16 Amperes
  • Sanding drum width 200mm
  • Sanding drum speed approx. 2.500rpm
  • Sanding belt dimensions 200x750mm
  • Weight 78kgs

Bona Edger Machine - A Cut Above The Rest

A powerful edge sander that can handle all types of areas where the bigger machines can't quite reach, it is also great for steps. Equipped with a lamp for easier visibility makes this 'pocket rocket' easy to operate, resulting in a professional finish every time.

Key Features

  • Maximum cut rate
  • Handles with ease
  • Optimal dust reduction
  • One of the best edge sanders available today

Floor Sanding Products & Machinery - Latest Technology

Lagler Trio Floor Sander 

This specially designed floor sander using the latest technology gives a superior finish on all timber floors. 'TRIO' is one of the most versatile and efficient floor sanders on the market today. It's a perfect choice to handle Veneered and Parquet flooring including hardwood strip floors.

  • Performs fine surface sanding
  • 3 disc spinning brushes
  • Changing the discs takes seconds
  • Low dust emissions, breathe easily while also caring for the environment
  • Professional finish sanding pattern
  • Convert for sub-floor preparation
  • Simple to maintain and service

For over 50 years, LAGLER floor sanding machines have represented functional and ergonomic perfection. They are easy to operate and easy to maintain.

Bosch 1278 VSK Compact Belt Sander

This machine acts as the belt sander and is capable of reaching right into those complicated areas such as corners of rooms, stair risers, radiator pipes and toilets.

Powerful sanding and perfect handling

Designed for superior performance on all wood types.

Key Features

  • Working on corners, edges and small angled areas
  • 3 amp motor can be turned 180 degrees
  • The 1-1.5 inch wide sanding belt runs on a durable 15/16 inch roller tip
  • Extremely quick change lever allows for a fast belt change
  • Has great electronic speed control
  • Excellent dust extraction

Floor Sanding Products - Superior Performance

Bona Mega Varnish

At TLC's Floor Sanding we use only the best products, and Mega Varnish is the finest on the market today. Renowned to be exceptionally hard wearing, it will maintain its quality and keep that 'new look' for years. Also, it acts as a protection against spills and scuffs.

This non-toxic product acts as a protector to all stained floors, or as a clear varnish which gives floors a natural look that lasts and lasts.

Key Features

  • Can be used straight from the bottle, no mixing required
  • Recommended for all wooden floors, including residential and commercial
  • Perfect product for plank floors with underfloor heating
  • First class protection against spills and scuffs
  • High resistance to wear and tear


Bona Mix & Fill - Water Based Product

The Gap Filler we use is Bona Mix & Fill and it's a non-toxic water based timber filler. It always guarantees a good colour match every time. We combine fine sanding dust from the floor and this produces a natural colouration, which then blends in with the rest of the floor.

It's matched perfectly to filling parquetry floors or gaps between floorboards up to 2 mm wide. This fantastic product dries quickly, sometimes in as little as 20 minutes, depending on atmospheric conditions. Another great feature with Mix & Fill is any excess filler is easily removed during the final rotary sanding of the wood.

Key Features

  • Makes sanding easy
  • Always quick drying
  • No smell
  • Anti Corrosive
  • Long lasting

Our Floor Sanding Products Produce The Finest Finish, Every time!

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