finished laminate kitchen flooring

Client Location - Wandsworth, London

Time to complete 2 – 3 days

Hardwearing & Resilient Laminate - Affordable & high-performance flooring


'Using our fine artistry and skill, we brought this floor to life' 

Laminate floor with a premium underlay is very popular in today's market; it gives superior sound quality and easy installation. Here we have also incorporated Scotia Beading.

A well-laid floor has no gaps, and the final key element to a beautiful installation is the ever-versatile Scotia decorative beading; used to cover any gaps without the need to remove skirting.

Scotia can be solid, MDF or veneered. Solid is usually made of solid wood, typically oak, and comes in lacquered or unfinished.

When a laminate floor is installed well, it will give any home a look and feel of hardwood, but less expensive. Modern products today can look so much like hardwoods; quite often, it's difficult to tell the difference.