Floor sandingFloor sanding services 

 Unbeatable in cost & quality!

Floor sanding & Bona varnish or Osmo oil - £20 per square metre! 

 Our team of highly skilled professionals; expertise in all types and any condition wood flooring.


Step by step process.

  • We start by removing all furniture & carpets from the room, if required.
  • We then cover up doors in the rooms that we are working in, as well as any furniture which may be remaining in the room.
  • We prepare the floors which in tale countersinking all nails and screws. We check that all the flooring is safely secured down, followed by a clean up.
  • If any flooring is in need of replacement, we will then fit them to the best match possible.
  • Then we start the sanding process, using four different grades from coarse to fine.
  • If gap filling is required, we do this in between sands. This is to seal any gaps between flooring, and helps prevent drafts getting through.
  • We apply samples of stains, varnishes and oil's on your floor to help you choose which finish you would like. Once you have chosen your options, we then sand up the samples. Continued with a fine sand.
  • We then have a very thorough clean up, making sure that our work spaces are immaculately clean.
  • We then masking tape up all skirting boards to prepare for the finishing touch.
  • We then apply the finish to your floor, using 3 coats on each stains, varnish or oil.
  • Drying times between coats for stains and varnish's are between: 2-4 hours. Drying times between coats for an oil finish are between: 8-10 hours.
  • We recommend that any heavy furniture is to be left out of the rooms for at least 10-12 hours, if possible. This is to allow the finish to settle 100% completely.



Floor sanding servicesFloor sanding services  

Floor sanding servicesFloor sanding services


Floor sanding servicesFloor sanding services


Floor sanding servicesFloor sanding Floor sanding services


Floor sanding servicesFloor sanding services


 Floor sanding services  Floor sanding services   

   Floor sanding services Floor sanding services










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Floor sanding floor sanding floor sanding floor sanding